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HP LaserJet P2055dn



Administrator Password: Not Set
Jetdirect Certificate: Installed
Access Control: Disabled
Web Interface
Encrypt All Web Communication: Disabled
Encryption Strength: Low (DES-56-bit, RC4-128-bit or 3DES-168-bit)
Status: Enabled
Get Community Name: Not Set (Defaults to "public")
Set Community Name: Not Set (Defaults to "public")
Status: Disabled
802.1X Authentication
Authentication Type: Open System (Disabled)
EAP User Name: NPI3E98CB
EAP Password: Not Set
Server ID: Not Set
Other Protocols
9100 Printing: Enabled
LPD Printing: Enabled
Web Services Print: Enabled
SLP Config: Enabled
Bonjour: Enabled
Multicast IPv4: Enabled
WS-Discovery: Enabled
Telnet: Enabled
Firewall: Disabled
LLMNR Enabled