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HP LaserJet P2055dn


TCP/IP Settings

Several configuration parameters, such as the hostname, can be provided through different configuration methods. These different configuration methods are shown below in the precedence table. The order in which they are listed determines which configuration method has the precedence over another method for duplicate configuration parameter values. For example, a DHCPv4 hostname will overwrite a DHCPv6 hostname if BOOTP/DHCPv4 has precedence over DHCPv6. The administrator can change the precedence by changing the order of items in the precedence table. The order of items can be changed to best reflect the administrator's own network configuration.

Note: To configure, Javascript must be supported by your browser.
Configuration Methods

Note: If values are not set by the configuration methods, then default values will be assigned.
Changes to the precedence table will take place on the next power-down/power-up sequence. However, if you wish to have the changes to the precedence table take place immediately, press the "Reinitialize Now" button. You may lose browser connectivity during the reconfiguration process.